Finding Beauty in Unexpected Places

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Recent Additions and Re-Do’s from the Gravel Pit Series

Fascination. Glacier. Limestone, rocks, Maine. Home Erratic boulders out of proportion to the landscape. Remains. Exposure. The earth is flayed and tortured. Large open pits. Lost topsoil, trees, habitat – you expect to find no life no beauty in this moonscape of human desire for roads and building. Progress. However wandering the vast pit there are footprints in the clay and gravel; weasel and coyote, fox and racoon. A kestrel hovers; and in the early morning and evening large flocks of swallows gather above the exposed aquifers seeking mosquitoes. Hawks ride the thermals generated by the sand and rock.

Where is the life…?

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‘Where is the life we have lost in the living?’ I picked up a T.S.Eliot the other day anthology and it opened to the Chorus’ for ‘The Rock’ that contains this quote. I have been pondering.

Picture. Sitting on a dock, the afternoon is hot and humid. A breeze picks up and the swells roll the the wooden platform. A loon preens in the sun not far away. And eaglet fledged. One remains behind.

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